Countrywide Bank Loan Officer Alex Vyborg

Alex Vyborg

A longtime resident of the Greater Los Angeles area, Alex Vyborg attended Fairfax High School, where he excelled in mathematics and competed as a member of the varsity basketball team. He subsequently played varsity basketball at Occidental College in Eagle Rock while working toward a dual bachelor of arts in economics and mathematics. Alex Vyborg also served as a foreign language tutor and a member of the International Student Union.

Mr. Vyborg went on to find considerable success in the banking and lending sectors. Since 2001, he has served as a loan officer with the West Hills branch of Countrywide Bank. His duties with this organization revolve around processing and funding the various loans that customers have submitted, verifying the integrity of their financial information, and confirming their debt-to-income ratios. Alex Vyborg’s accomplishments with Countrywide has earned him recognition as employee of the month.

In his leisure time, he enjoys traveling and coaching youth basketball.